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D.H.P. archive. B. 017, Open land / rail route, PIGENIUS CAVE.
The part of the railway property where our tree house was. In spring 1999 everything was destroyed and a LIDL-supermarket was built.
Berlin 1997
D.H.P. archive. B. 045, Rail route, PIGENIUS CAVE.
The entrance to the tunnel where we shot with an air gun at the wall, to imitate the gunfire sound of Bud Spencer movies.
Berlin 2001
D.H.P archive. B. 136, Open land/ sewer system/ course of a river/ waterfalls / raft accidents, PIGENIUS CAVE.
The slippery stones and the entrance to the sewer system by the river.
Czechia 2003
D.H.P archive. B. 211, Open Land, PIGENIUS CAVE.
The halfway walled up entrance to the Gesundbrunnen tunnel. Forced entry to the sound room with a hammer. Ankle-deep water at the end.
Berlin 2006
D.H.P archive. B. 245, Shell construction, PIGENIUS CAVE.
The belvedere in the sports hotel was unfortunately mold-infested right after completion, so that it could never be used properly.
Berlin 2006 and 2007
D.H.P archive. B. 290, Open land/ course of a river, PIGENIUS CAVE.
The homeless idiot Johann and his first sewer system. Dropped Cigarillos and a ball pen.
Berlin 2007
Find No. 086 and D.H.P. archive. B. 214, Shell construction, PIGENIUS CAVE.
A freshly discovered strange secret stash we later besieged and occupied.
Berlin 2006
Find No. 091/ D.H.P archive. B. 222, Bridge room, PIGENIUS CAVE.
A freshly discovered strange secret stash of teenagers we later besieged and occupied.
Berlin 2006
Find No. 161, Sewer system that allows stooping, PIGENIUS CAVE.
A tupperware container containing a transmitter and a logbook. Last logbook entry dated to the day before yesterday. Apparently part of some weird internet game.
Berlin 2008
Find No. 169, Sewer system that allows stooping, PIGENIUS CAVE.
A stranger’s vehicle for the sewer system, probaly left in 2002. Discovering and rescuing it ecstatically.
Berlin 2008
Find No. 181, Open land, PIGENIUS CAVE.
The aggressive Kreuzberg dove escaped after almost 24 hours of imprisonment.
Berlin 2008
Find No. 176, Open land, PIGENIUS CAVE.
After a several weeks lasting hunt and strategic planning, all 10 catched doves from Mitte and Kreuzberg in one net.
Berlin 2008
Find No. 184, Open bridge room, PIGENIUS CAVE.
Tramp art. Two spice shakers of a wimp, filled with pieces of bottle caps.
Berlin 2008
Find No. 198, Open land, PIGENIUS CAVE.
Porn pictures and wiping paper in a jerk corridor leading to an empty shell construction.
Berlin 2008
Find No. 200, Rail route, PIGENIUS CAVE.
Shattered eggs, dead fish (unfortunately not in the picture), decapitated chicken, drinking cups and an only once lit up cigar, the morning after a voodoo ceremony.
Berlin 2008
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