Born in 1977 in Naestved, Denmark. Jan Danebod has a degree from the Fine Arts Academy in Århus and also works with writing and curatorial practices.He is currently based in Nørrebro, Copenhagen and is publicly employed in the free town of Christiania.

Using political activism and the visual arts, Danebod addresses problems faced by the large cities of today at the neighborhood and citywide level, such as urban consumption, homelessness, marketing campaigns, gentrification and public art issues. Danebod was “raised on the roots of hip hop-culture” and has been an active graffiti writer since the early 1990s. This has formed the basis for his continuous confrontations with and interventions in urban realities.

Untitled, Jan Danebod


GEMEINSAM FÜR DIE STADT, solo exhibition, urban art info, Berlin.

Jan Danebod
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